Nested Sets

What is better than a beautiful bowl crafted from a roadside log?  How about several made from the same piece!  The process using the McNaughton center saving system can be a little tricky, but yields some of the most beautiful collections of bowls imaginable.  It would be a shame to turn the inside of the bowl into a bag of shavings when a whole family of turned vessels can be extracted from the same chunk!

A bit of patience and finesse is needed to pull a complete set from a log.  If even one bowl fails to reach the finish line in the bowl making process, the set becomes just a collection that doesn’t follow the sequential flow.  Andy looks for unique grain patterns and wood inclusions that remain visible through each piece in a set.



Mango Burl


Norfolk Pine




Five piece Milo set (photo by Hal Lum)

Seven piece Cuban Mahogany set