Just for Fun

From time to time everyone needs to have a little fun. Why not make a crystal ball that is clearly not crystal? Never trust someone who claims to see your future while gazing into a wood sphere.

How about a fried egg on a plate? The one here was made as an entry into the club “turned egg competition.” It was the walk away, hands down favorite. Even the woods used in the piece sound edible (Maple/Walnut/Osage Orange).

Koa crystal ball

Maple, walnut, osage orange egg on plate

Spinning tops in motion

Walnut football with ebony inflator valve

This turned wood football was created as an award presentation for a retired Buffalo Bills pro ball player. The effort was a collaboration with the wood shaping complete with seam stitching, ebony inflator hole, and set up for laces being done before the hand off for surface embellishments. It might be fun to toss around a little, but being at the receiving end of a hail Mary might be a bit rough!

Who can resist the delightful pleasures of a spinning top? They are as much fun to make as they are to spin.